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At any time, we can request documents to verify your personal information. If you can not provide them, we reserve the right to cancel the charging of tokens without any compensation. Memority uses your personal information solely for internal processing and strictly respects the confidentiality of your data.

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Memority is the platform for a completely decentralized, super-secure storage of valuable data on the blockchain, which ensures the continued availability of several encrypted copies of data on unrelated storage locations around the world.

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The data is encrypted with your private key

No one except the owner can physically view the contents of the files, because they are encrypted with a private key, which is stored only by the data owner

Data is protected from accidental deletion

The system always stores multiple copies of data (default is 10), the monitoring system will periodically check their availability and creates new copies in other stores in case of insufficient number of duplicates

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Data is protected from forgery

Unique data identifiers are stored in the blockchain database, the system regularly searches for fakes and restores the correct number of copies with genuine data if files have been forged

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The system is completely self-contained and independent

Data storage, the process of files copies monitoring and recovering, data encryption and validation for authenticity are completely decentralized, there is no dependence on any centralized systems

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